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AstodaanAudio track
Mind at LargeAudio track
RadioclastAudio track
A Gift of Unknown Things .Audio track
Gravity is the EnemyAudio track
Fall of the Yak ManAudio track


Frequency is the New Ecstasy Black LP

LP £22.00

Release Date: 07/04/2017

Discs: 1

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“Operating at the highest possible level. Outer Space, in fact.” – The Wire

“Comprehensively mind-bending.. envelope time and space through the essential purity of all-consuming sound.” – The Quietus.

“Spacey, in all the good ways. Inner Spacey. And Psychedelick as the day is looooooooooooong. You can’t tell where it’s from, this lilting music, but it’s definitely not here…” – Freq

“As revelatory an experience as it was an enjoyable one… I am being moved as I write towards joining an almost celestial choir, where the animal angels are screaming an alien song to strange gods… The ecstasy of the title is gradually built. It consumes. It is a beautiful sound that lifts my day as I listen.” – International Times

The album comes in a strictly Ltd. edition of 300, 180 gram vinyl, thick (matte varnished) card stock, 180gsm printed inner sleeve, additional insert and protective PVC outer sleeve.

Vinyl Side A

1. A Gift of Unknown Things
2. Gravity is the Enemy
3. Ast┼Źdaan

Vinyl Side B

4. Fall of the Yak Man
5. Radioclast